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Here's my opinion from my viewpoint as an elementary LDR teacher.   I think that one operation norms are not created for the following reasons (obviously just my opinion).  We want all students to master all math facts fluently, then use them in a variety of problems in "real life" eventually.  We want students to look at a word problem (or life situation) and figure out what operation(s) to use.  By presenting the AIMSweb math probes developmentally, as they are taught in school, we must teach the students to look at the symbols.  I am usually amazed and very pleased at the progress my first grade math students make on their AIMSweb probes.  At times in the fall, it seems like they won't adapt to changing from adding to subtracting.  Because the probes are presented that way, my kids get used to looking at the symbols.  At times, they do as well or better on winter and spring math  benchmark tests than their regular ed classmates.  I
 realize there is a practice effect created by taking the progress monitor tests, and that's partly why they do so well in comparison.
Having said that, I am pasting below info on the Otter Creek math facts program by Donald Crawford.  It can help teachers to get their students to mastery on single operation math facts.  They have helpful preprogram assessments so you can set realistic goals for each of the students.  I think I have seen Donald Crawford's work on lists of evidence based materials.  A one day workshop is presented that focuses on either math facts or math facts and word problems.  The workshops are excellent and very helpful in using the materials effectively.  A bonus is that the kids seem to enjoy the program and like to chart their achievements. 
This innovative,classroom-tested program not only teaches
students their math facts, it also helps them achieve
automaticity, an essential skill for higher math functions.
Mastering Math Facts is a structured, day-by-day way for kids to learn their math facts
by operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Not only do they learn
math facts, but the lessons are reviewed and repeated until your students’ knowledge of
facts is automatic — an essential skill for higher math operations. Designed to run in
tandem with any math program you are currently using, this program takes no more
than 10 minutes a day. Your students will get the math facts they need in a
motivational, self-paced way that encourages success.
Blackline Masters and Answer Keys
for Individual Classroom Use
Grades 1-8
Experience the satisfaction of your students’ success with
this complete, field-tested supplemental program. Designed
for individual classroom use, this resource includes teacher
directions, all blackline masters and answer keys for all
grade levels.
Item Number: 02S1500E M2 ..................$69 hard copy
Item Number: MF2CD ..................................$69 on CD
Call 1-800-931-9193 for your FREE summary of the research behind the Mastering
Math Facts program. You may also request free sample blackline master pages.
Author: Donald B. Crawford, Ph.D.

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We are trying to find them also.

>>> Jennie Hawkey <jennieh105 at yahoo.com> 5/27/2010 10:11 PM >>>
We are looking for Aimsweb norms for single operations (i.e. addition only). Do they exist? Does anyone have them or can give us a link to find them?

Jennie Hawkey


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